▷ Certified Orthodontic Dentist
    ▷ Certified Facial Enhancement Practitioner
    ▷ Practising in dento-facial aesthetics
    Dr Amrinder Oberoi

    Dr. Oberoi specialises in smile makeovers, combining cosmetic dentistry with facial injectables.

    Completing his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Honours) from the University of Otago (NZ), Dr. Oberoi moved to Sydney to work in 2010. Since then he has committed himself to continual training and development in the fields of Orthodontics, Implant Dentistry and Facial Injectables.

    Recently Dr. Oberoi completed a 2 year residency in Orthodontics from the University of London and is continuing his specialised education. He currently studies Implant Dentistry and Facial Enhancement Injectables, including anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers and plans to specialise in all fields of Cosmetic dentistry.

    His unique combination of training and expertise allows Dr. Oberoi to diagnose and treat multiple cosmetic problems in one treatment plan. His interest in the cosmetic field has led to his search for additional training in dento-facial aesthetics. Dr. Oberoi is passionate about investing in his patients’ smiles by applying highly skilled knowledge of full-mouth cosmetic improvements to create beautiful smiles.

    Dr. Oberoi knows that a smile is much more than just your teeth and puts all of his work and education in to helping patients achieve their smile goals.

    Dentists Advantage

    There are qualities and abilities that dentists have that you won’t find in other places.

    The day to day work of a dentist involves focus on the interplay between facial structures and the mouth. This type of regular working knowledge means a dentist looks beyond just the skin and the few millimeters beneath the skins surface.

    Their administration of anesthesia is profound. The techniques dentists are trained in and use frequently mean that you experience treatment with absolute minimal discomfort.

    A dentist is qualified to diagnose and treat medicalconditions with injectables. These therapeutic solutions provide treatment for chronic jaw joint pain, facial pains and aches and tooth grinding.

    Their education, training and qualifications are extensive and ongoing. A dentist is required to continue adding to their education and expertise and are fully aware of new medical discoveries, research and techniques.

    The development of dento-facial aesthetic treatments was cerated by the dental industry. This field of combined medical and cosmetic treatment is only practiced by the dental industry and it means you get the benefits of both in
    order to achieve natural looking results.